Carisbrooke Court is located in South Africa, city of Cape Town in the historical suburb of St. James.

Cape Town is the most southern city in Africa and St. James is en route to Cape Point, the place where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. In fact, the meeting point fluctuates along the Cape coast, usually occurring between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point.

Canty Bay

Carisbrooke Court was built in 1927 in Canty Bay, the historic seaside stretch that lies between Muizenberg and St James. It has beautiful sea and mountain views.

St. James is world famous for whale-watching, sheltered Mediterranean climate, warm sea bathing and for colourful bathing huts overlooking a tidal pool.


St James was named after the Roman Catholic church built here in 1852. When the coastal railway from Cape Town was constructed the church had to be relocated as the site was needed for a railway station. Father Duignan, the local priest, agreed to an exchange of sites on condition that the new station be named "St. James”.

Carisbrooke in literature

Author Heinrich Troost mentions Carisbrooke Court in his book Plot Loss: "She looks at Carisbrooke Court again as they get up, enveloped in the dark shadow of the peak. She sees something flash in an arch, a mirror or a pair of bincoulars perhaps? ...